Keto Xtreme

  • Keto Xtreme is a food supplement designed specifically for people on Keto (Ketogenic) diets, it's key active ingredients are proven to support metabolism of fats - this is essential on a high fat diet to ensure that your body is getting energy from fat sources.

  • Keto Xtreme has many key features to its blend, the first is to support the body in entering KETOSIS (and utilising fats as the primary energy source). This is acheived through ingredients supporting metabolism and digestion, including Zinc, which contributes to normal METABOLISM OF FATTY ACIDS; and a source of choline which contributes to normal LIPID METABOLISM; source of chloride which contributes to normal DIGESTION;

  • Another feature of the Keto Xtreme formula is to provide support to the body whilst on a high-fat and low-carbohydrate diet, this is through the inclusion of ingredients such as Magnesium, which contributes to normal ELECTROLYTE BALANCE, and Choline which contributes to normal LIVER FUNCTION.

  • The blend is enhanced with BETAINE and herbal extracts including CINNAMON, MACA and FENUGREEK.

  • This pack provides 30 servings (a full 1 month course) of 4 capsules per day. The product is suitable for vegetarians. It is from a highly accredited UK manufacturer.

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