Electrolyte Xtreme XXL

  • OUR STAPLE ELECTROLYTE PRODUCT - Iron Labs Nutrition presents Electrolyte Xtreme, a comprehensive electrolyte product featuring 5 key electrolytes in our convenient tablets.

  • BLEND OF + AND - ELECTROLYTES - With a blend including positively charged electrolytes (including Potassium, Calcium, Sodium and Magnesium) and the negatively charged electrolyte (Chloride).

  • PROVEN ELECTROLYTE BENEFITS - The electrolyte Magnesium (which Electrolyte Xtreme provides 100mg per serving, 26% NRV) has been found through scientific research by the EFSA to contribute to normal Electrolyte Balance.

  • HIGH QUALITY, BRITISH-MADE TABLETS - Suitable for users on the Keto Diet and Vegetarian and Vegan users too. Zero allergens.

  • XXL CONTAINER - Our special XXL container for regular users provides 360 tablets, which is an incredible 180 servings (6 month supply), providing unrivalled value.

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